Why the Sweet Life of Mel

Hey hey! Welcome to my blog. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh god, not another blogger. They all blog about the same things.” I’m actually just not another blogger and I definitely won’t be blogging about the same things. You see, it took me a while to decide whether I wanted to start a blog or not. I had been writing blogs about food for a friend of mine because your girl does love to eat, but at the same time the blog wasn’t just about food. That blog is about food and accessibility. I had fun writing foodie blogs, but I can’t always go out to eat……gotta watch the figure ;). I enjoyed writing for that blog, but honestly it wasn’t me and to be completely honest, I always forgot to check the bathrooms for accessibility.

I finally decided to do a blog for a few reasons. I enjoy writing. I’ve always loved to write English papers or any type of school papers. I guess it all started when I was in high school and decided to be on the school newspaper…….that was such a long time ago, 16 years to be exact (yikes, makes me feel old just thinking of it). It wasn’t an easy thing for me to do as I’m such an introvert, but I can express myself behind an email, a text, and hey, now even a blog! Does this make me sound like I should’ve become an English teacher?

Self-expression through writing is very therapeutic. I know I’m not alone in this, but many of us have kept or keep a journal where we write what we’re feeling, but don’t share it with others because we want our secrets to be just that, a secret. I’ve always written what I’ve felt, how others make me feel, and what I go through so that I don’t explode all over the place and it helps me not hold things in…..as introverts we hold it ALL in. So why not share what I’m feeling, who made me feel a certain way and what I’m going through, and then some about my life with you?! I promise I won’t be the typical female and be so dramatic and whiny (well maybe just a bit), but I’m not your average female either (I’m sure that blog post will be interesting). I think it’s always good to see what others go through and learn from them. It’s like seeing your own struggles and even struggles that you don’t or can’t relate to through someone else’s lens. Because isn’t that what life is? A lens viewed and lived through differently by all of us.

The reason I decided to start this blog and title it Sweet Life of Mel is because life can be sweet if you view life the way I have or the way I am viewing it. Of course, this blog isn’t going to be all about how life’s about rainbows and lollipops because this sweet life of mine is far from that. Remember how I said I’m not your average female? Well here’s why, I’m currently 35 (oh vey!) and for 33 years I have lived with a type of neuromuscular disease that there’s not much information on and no cure as of yet. Yes, you read that right. I’m a rare breed. Life hasn’t always been sweet because it’s had many challenges. But you see, these challenges are what have made my life sweet. Yes I know you’re wondering how that’s possible living with a disease that affects your muscles, but it’s true. This sweet life has taught me many things, has made me become the person I am today, and has seen the world through a lens that not many people know about or get to see. I do share some personal things on my personal FB page, but what I wanted to do with this blog is to completely open up and really get down to the behind the scenes of my lens.

I want to share this life of mine because I want to show you that just because someone is disabled doesn’t mean that we should be put into the “disabled” label. A lot of us with disabilities live a normal life and want to be treated normally……hello, we still have emotions like you. I think the world needs to be more open and acceptable to people that have a certain type of uniqueness to them. We see things the way you wouldn’t see them because when we lose the things we used to have like lets say the ability to walk, we value life even more. The struggles we’ve gone through is what makes life sweet. 

Our lenses are enhanced to view life sweeter.





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